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Reducing the global usage of plastic, even if it is just one small step at the time.

However, the first step lays in education. Raising awareness should start where great minds are developed. Educators across the globe should take responsibility and implement information about saving the environment in their program.

Because it is not the plastic itself that kills our planet, but it is mankind that pulls the trigger. We create, abuse and dispose of this material. Just because it is the cheapest way.

However, in the long run it will cost us dearly.

In 2018, the idea arose to finally start making a change. Being inspired by others who were taking the lead and after looking at the immense amounts of plastic in nature worldwide, we decided it was time we did something about it.

At ReShape Global, we will make our first steps, by offering solutions to single-use plastic. And with our ReStraws at our very first step to replace plastic straws, we will try to finally do something right for our planet.

Because, when we all take our own steps, we can accomplish something great.