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As promised in our last news update, one of the owners will now shed a light on what moved him in starting ReShape Global:

“My first eye-opening experience was in 2012, during my first trip to South East Asia. Here I realised how badly humans treat the environment.

When I became a scuba diver in 2014, my love for our planet and all its beings grew stronger. The serenity of the underwater world taught me to appreciate and have respect for every living being, how big or small they might be. Each time when I made another journey, my love for our planet grew, despite the fact that everywhere I went, I encountered the same problem.

Everywhere I went I saw trash, which consisted of mostly plastic. Beautiful beaches and landscapes ruined with plastic pollution. Each time a hideous sight to behold. I believe that there are multiple reasons for the huge piles of trash in the world. Some of the reasons are a lack of awareness and a lack of replacement products, however it all starts with educating the youth, in my opinion. Parents who are setting bad examples, schools and universities who do not give enough attention to the topic. I strongly believe that if we manage to make some changes in education, then the awareness will automatically grow as well.

After graduating I went on another one of my journeys and that was when I met Sebas. Soon we discovered that we have the same passion: a healthy planet.

I said to Sebas, “why are we treating our planet like we have 10 more planets to live on? People don’t realise that we need our planet and all its inhabitants. If we keep this up for another 50 years then our children and our children’s children won’t have a planet to live on.”

We believed it was time for us to do our part and make a change. That was when we founded ReShape Global.

With ReShape Global we want to raise awareness and offer replacement products, so that each and every one of us can make a change. Because, as Robert Swan said:

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

We do understand that this road is not always easy and that nobody is perfect. However, we do strive to do our best for our planet, because she deserves our respect.”

Nayan, Co-Owner ReShape Global