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We do apologise for the delay, but as promised in our last news update which dated from a while ago, the other owner of ReShape Global will now share his story, on what moved him in starting ReShape Global:

“As a kid, I was always roaming around in the woods or close to the river in my hometown.

While growing up it always shocked me how easily people throw their trash away, in nature. I experienced this regularly when being around people, and even friends. I always told them to pick it up again and to throw it in a bin instead. This would sometimes lead to confrontations. Which I was fine with.

What shocks me the most is how people can’t see that plastic is harming the planet and all of the life on it. These things made me sad but step by step it was creating motivation. A will to do something about the plastic and pollution in the world. 

On my journeys through Europe and Asia, I saw an abundance of plastic waste. When I was diving in the beautiful Asian sea or was going through HaLong Bay on a boat, there was plastic everywhere. From in the lakes in The Netherlands to the rivers in Vietnam, there is trash everywhere. On one of these journeys, I met Nayan. He was also complaining about the plastic pollution. 

We talked about how we could do something about the pollution. It was our belief that we needed to take action before it was too late. We would not stand still and watch the beauty of nature be diminished any longer. It seemed like our paths had crossed for a reason and we had a similar mission: ”To reduce the plastic waste in the world”.

We decided it was time to do something, time to be the change. So we formed a company and “ReShape Global” was born.”

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed that’s all who ever have. ” Margaret Mead.

Sebas Owner ReShape Global

    Sebas Co-Owner of ReShape Global