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In the beginning of 2020 and after months of hard work, ReShape Global was officially registered as a company in the Netherlands. Reason for a small celebration, however, there was still so much more to do, before we could actually start making a change.

The ReShape Global team went on a field trip to visit the factory in Vietnam, where the ReStraws are made and packed by the local population. We were received with great hospitality and we were able to have a closer look into the production process of the ReStraws. We choose to have an insight in the whole process and know how our product is made. This way we can keep a healthy relationship with our partners, know all the ins and outs of our product, and we can ensure that all the necessary hygiene regulations and other precautions are taken and followed.


In addition to visiting the factory, the ReShape Global team went on another field trip, to Hanoi and the surrounding countryside. Here we visited a possible future partner. Once again, we were received with great hospitality and kindness, and we managed to gain some insight knowledge in possible new ReShape Global products.

Hopefully we can tell you more about this in the future.


Besides all these nice and meaningful trips, we managed to update our website and get our legal things in order. While working closely together with our designer, we finalised the package designs and at the end of February, we received our first batch of ReStraws in our own packaging.

This was yet another milestone reached and another step in achieving something great.